//Jatri: Introducing a radical solution for commuters in Dhaka

Jatri: Introducing a radical solution for commuters in Dhaka

Jatri is a breath of fresh air in the lives of bus commuters in Dhaka city. With its easy-to-use technology, Jatri ensures a simple, comfortable and pleasant commute for all. 

How is Jatri different?

Reduces stress: Ever woke up worried about your commute to work? Though various ride-sharing services are easily available, their steep prices aren’t affordable for daily bus users. Jatri allows you to track the available buses on your route ahead of time, saving you from the uncertainty of finding a bus every day. 

  • Saves time: Jatri rescues you from wasting your precious hours waiting for buses at bus stops. We’re here to make your day with our tracking feature! In the Jatri app, you can view the buses near you. It tracks the location of your bus in real-time and provides its estimated time of arrival. Every minute of the day counts, and we’re here to make sure you spend yours wisely!
  • Secure payment: Tired of haggling with the bus conductors about fare prices and demanding loose change? Jatri promotes a cashless and secure payment system. Pay your bus fare using digital payment on public transport!
  • Promoting a systematic approach to bus boarding, Jatri is the new face of transportation life in Dhaka city. To know more about our features and offers, please download our app from the google play store.

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